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An email link works the same way. We just use an email address instead of a page address.

Send me <A HREF="">Mail!</A>

Send me Mail!

FAQ: How can I specify a Subject for my email message?
A: Very easily, but there's a catch. You can add a subject to the link as follows...

<A HREF=" Bubba!">

... but, be advised that floating around out there is the occasional email client that doesn't know what to do with that subject. For those people the email may appear to be sent, but in reality it may simply disappear into oblivion. If this rare glitch is a concern to you, then don't specify a subject.

FAQ: How can I get rid of the underline in my links?
A: Well, technically that can't be done with HTML. But, it can using Style Sheets. If you put the following between the HEAD tags of your document, any browser supporting Style Sheets should render all the links on a page without an underline...

<STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!--
a:link, a:visited, a:active {text-decoration:none}

That's just dandy, but what if I just want to get rid of the underline on only one or two links?

You can use a STYLE suggestion within the link itself...

<A HREF="" STYLE="text-decoration:none">Mail!</A>

We can make an image a link if we want. Using the 'Go to Netscape!' example above we simply substitute an <IMG> tag for the word Netscape!

Go to <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="chef.gif" 
WIDTH=130 HEIGHT=101></A>

Go to

FAQ: How do you get rid of that ugly blue border around an image link?
A: Simple... add BORDER=0 to the IMG tag. (See below.)

Go to <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="chef.gif" 

Go to

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